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by: San Diego NWSL



by: San Diego NWSL


SAN DIEGO NWSL: Empowering Excellence and Community Through Soccer

OUR MISSION At SAN DIEGO NWSL, our mission is to construct an unparalleled haven for both players and fans, fostering a local adoration that resonates worldwide. We are dedicated to cultivating a world-class environment that is cherished within our community and respected across the globe.

OUR VISION We envision SAN DIEGO NWSL as a positive force, harnessing the power of the game we hold dear to inspire change and make a lasting impact. Through soccer, we aspire to contribute to a better world.

IMPACT PILLARS Our commitment to equity and access, mental health and well-being, and sustainability serves as the foundation of our endeavors. These pillars drive us to create a meaningful difference in the lives of our players, fans, and the broader community.

OUR STORY Embodying the spirit of Jill Ellis, Casey Stoney, Molly Downtain, Alex Morgan, Abby Dahlkemper, Naomi Girma, and our entire team, we possess a potent blend of experience, dedication to excellence, and leadership that is poised to shape the present and future of women’s soccer. Collaborating seamlessly, our club, players, community, and partners unite to deliver top-tier soccer entertainment to our devoted fans, while using the sport to foster unity among locals. We are determined to shine a spotlight on women’s sports, demonstrating that given equal conditions and the right platform, remarkable achievements are attainable.

OUR MANIFESTO In the vibrant city of San Diego, we are not just striving for parity with other teams. Our aspirations stretch far beyond that – mucho más grande que eso. Our purpose is to make our city proud both on and off the field.

We stand as a beacon of inspiration for fans, encouraging them to embrace their true selves and stand united with our community, even in the face of adversity.

We align ourselves with those who have overcome challenges throughout their lives. Clad in our Wave jerseys, we continuously challenge ourselves to reach new heights, not just on the pitch, but in every facet of life.

We aim to be the team whose supporters are always there, just as we have been there for them when they needed us. We understand that true progress can only be achieved when we play as one cohesive unit.

We strive to become a team that spans generations, passed down from one to the next, an embodiment of work ethic that immigrant parents yearn for their daughters to witness.

We envision becoming a team that beckons our neighbors from Tijuana, a team they’re willing to wait hours at “la línea” to cheer for.

Our Wave is relentless, receding only to surge back stronger, time and time again. It embodies goodwill, inclusivity, and unity – a force so compelling that 3,295,624 greater San Diegans and beyond are compelled to rise and join us. Together, we are GREATER.

WHEN THE WAVE RISES, IT FORMS A CREST The vibrant colors of WAVE FC reflect the rich tapestry of Southern California’s culture. Our crest embodies resilience, diversity, and the indomitable force of the wave, symbolizing the unbreakable bond with our community that propels us forward.